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Hello Everyone, 

My new title Environmental/Utility Inspector on Bull Mountain Pipeline. My new Office is near Glenwood Spring Co. 


Take a look at my office!





I'm still laying a lot of pipe!



By the way did I mention I built a wind generator!


I carved the props out of 2" X 4" X 5' boards. I hand wound coils in the generator with 24 magnets 1" X 2" X .5". I positioned and glued the magnets on each plate cast with fiberglass resin to form to magnet rotors (think like I'm putting 2 brake rotors on a wheel hub with magnets glued to the area that the brake pads touch) . Just before I left I had lights, television, computer, washing machine, and some AC. It puts out 12 Volts
5 amps at 6 mph,
20 amps at 10 mph,
35 amps at 15 mph,
55 amps at 20 mph,
80 amps at 25 mph,
100 amps at 35 mph.
25 to 40 is what I'm seeing most of the time at that point the tail folds and starts to limit the high end so it does not overload the generator or blow the tower down. The tower tilts up and down by a winch for maintenance and it's 65 feet high.





Alaska 2005




Hello All,

By the way, I'd just bought 2 acres and a house on the lake next door to my mother's house, just east of Dallas (Greenville). Our properties combined = 6 acres and 3 houses plus Bruce's Datsun 510 which is still running strong!









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